Together We go a long way

Oil & Gas

Since 20 years its inception, Bin Qutab - Oil & Gas has been actively involved in high profile oil and gas projects in the Middle East, Afghanistan & Pakistan. From facility revamps to grassroots projects, we have delivered engineering manufacturing, construction, commissioning & maintenance services for refineries, gas fields, process plants, pipelines LNG plants and storage facilities.

Our joint venture company, Magnet (Pvt.) Ltd. & Bin Qutab is setting new standards for the execution of new projects for oil and gas production facilities.


  • Site Delivery
  • Oil & Gas Logistics
  • Third Party Distribution Logistics for Hotels and Retailers
  • Freight Forwarding

Commitment to Technology

To ensure that our information systems keep pace with our services, we have invested heavily in technology. Bin Qutab’s client‒customized, Web‒based, online tracking systems help manage third‒party contractors, monitor shipments and timelines and provide management reports for analysis. Our global technology systems provide clients with full “cradle to grave” visibility of their shipments, allowing them to adjust their inventory schedules to better manage their supply chains and reduce their inventory carrying costs.


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